Our goal at the McFaddin-Ward House is to teach how easy gardening can be. We hope to inspire others to start their own gardens, and to instill a love of nature and conservation in the hearts of the children that participate in the program. We adopted a "lasagna" gardening method and maintain the project free of pesticides and chemicals.

The 4-bed Victory Garden, which is part of its education program, is supervised by staffer, Carol Cuccio. She has gardened her whole life has a real passion for teaching others to grow their own fruit, vegetables and herbs.

To learn more, or to get involved with this fulfilling project, contact us at (409) 832-1906 or email ccuccio@mcfaddin-ward.org.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another Great Green Thumbs Program
May 7th

  • Started off with reading Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Ehlert.

  • Then off to check out how well the garden has grown since the Green Thumbers planted last April. We are getting more and more vegetation each day.

  • Another trip to the compost pile where the children told us new things!

  • The big highlight was the Nature Scavenger Hunt in the museum's block-big garden where the children found things they could touch, smell, hear, see, but not eat.

  • The kids learned about the three R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The kids had ever-so many ideas on what they could do with a "mess" of stuff. Before long, the Green Thumbers made or thought of musical instruments out of the recycled items.

  • Did you know: Plants need nutrients to be healthy, just like people do? There are three nutrients that all plants need in order to live:


    is needed for leaf growth and to have a good green color.

    Phosphorus is needed to form roots and to make seeds, fruit and flowers. It also helps plants fight disease.

    Potassium is needed to make strong stems and to also help fight disease.

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