Our goal at the McFaddin-Ward House is to teach how easy gardening can be. We hope to inspire others to start their own gardens, and to instill a love of nature and conservation in the hearts of the children that participate in the program. We adopted a "lasagna" gardening method and maintain the project free of pesticides and chemicals.

The 4-bed Victory Garden, which is part of its education program, is supervised by staffer, Carol Cuccio. She has gardened her whole life has a real passion for teaching others to grow their own fruit, vegetables and herbs.

To learn more, or to get involved with this fulfilling project, contact us at (409) 832-1906 or email ccuccio@mcfaddin-ward.org.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fall Garden Prep

As the summer comes to a close, we are looking forward to the fall season by making plans for our next planting. The garden has been a success with a plethora of okra, herbs, beans, sunflowers and wildflowers harvested. We even had a few cantaloupes, potatoes, tomatoes and are waiting for our eggplants to become ripe. We survived the summer heat and are anxiously awaiting some cooler temperatures.

Over the weekend we had our first tiny taste of fall and welcomed a bit of a cool front. It is getting us excited for the cooler temperatures ahead and we look forward to planting our fall garden. Last Wednesday, in preparation for the new garden, we had a work day to remove some of the plants that have stopped producing and made plans to improve our soil with compost. We started bright and early and were able to get a lot done before it got too hot.

We removed the beans, tomatoes, cantaloupe, squash and sunflowers-turned-trees. We are now drying the sunflowers and will roast the seeds in a few weeks. We are all looking forward to that! Yummy!

After we finished our work for the day, we made a list of veggies to grow in the fall. We are working on making our garden layout and will post our plans in a few days. On the list are pumpkins, potatoes and leeks to name a few. We look forward to having some delicious leek and potato soup in the cooler months!

Thank you to all our volunteers who have helped with the garden so far. It was been so rewarding and fun! We are always looking for more volunteers, so send an email or give us a call to see how you can help.

Stay tuned to see what else we’ll be planting!

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